About Sweepbright

SweepBright transforms each step of the real estate transaction process into a fully digital journey. Its rich stack of features possible by an open architecture, empowers real estate agencies of any kind to become far more efficient and deliver exceptional customer experiences. It has been designed from the onset with a mobile first usage in mind and integrates seamlessly with third-party applications. This enables agencies large or small, to transform their sales flow into a fully digital journey.


“In IN4IT we found a DevOps partner that listens to the problems we’re facing every day and works with us to solve them. A concrete part of our requirements was that we wanted to learn how to manage our infrastructure and we are able to do it well with IN4IT.”

CTO at Sweepbright

The Challenge

SweepBright was looking for a partner to migrate the platform from an legacy architecture to a new one to ensure a stable and future-proof platform. The success criteria were to reduce the overall platform cost and run all business-critical web applications in a stable and maintainable environment. Since customers are already actively using Sweepbright’s platform, no or a minimum of downtime is required with every step of the project.

The Solution

In order for Sweepbright to develop a reliable platform, Sweepbright chose IN4IT as the go-to AWS partner because of their strong competencies in architecting SaaS platforms on AWS. As IN4IT took over infrastructure ownership, IN4IT developed a new architecture to meet Sweepbrights goals. The new platform eases the developer experience using a secure automated delivery pipeline. As with many projects, the first step was to containerize the workloads further. Once the container definitions are in place, these containers are easily built and stored as artifacts in AWS ECR, ready to be deployed. AWS CodeDeploy will deploy these containers running all front-end, back-end services, including consumer-facing websites, APIs, and processing systems. Sweepbright had a requirement to use its existing continuous integration and delivery pipelines hosted in CircleCi, and these pipelines are successfully integrated with AWS CodeDeploy. IN4IT consistently implements Re-platforming projects like these without interruption to the developers’ day-to-day jobs.

ECS Fargate was an easy choice for Sweepbright as they wanted a container orchestrator that didn’t need much maintenance to use this time elsewhere. CodeDeploy has built-in support to deploy containers to ECS Fargate. One of the most significant benefits of Fargate is that it isolates every workload on a hypervisor level, which increases security more than running them on a non-Fargate cluster, as isolation in non-Fargate ECS/Kubernetes often happens on a kernel level. Fargate is a managed service, so no infrastructure needs to be managed besides the contents of the container itself.
To further secure the platform, IN4IT also implemented AWS WAF. This web application firewall helps Sweepbright protect its web applications and APIs against common web exploits and malicious actors that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
For every project, IN4IT invests a lot of time and effort into ensuring every component is Well-Architected from the start, especially in re-platforming scenarios, all with security in mind so that it doesn’t need to be implemented afterward as an afterthought.

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