• AWS has more than 1 million active customers
  • EC2 usage increased 95% YOY (Q2 2014 Q2 2015)
  • S3 usage increased 120% YOY
  • DB Usage 127% YOY
  • 81% YOY Revenue growth
  • Amazon Aurora (Enterprise Database) is one of the fastest growing services, faster than RedShift (Data warehousing)

Why do enterprises switch to the Cloud

  • Change capital expenditures into variable expenses
  • Increase agility
  • Lower variable expenses
  • Less heavy lifting
  • World Wide Infrastructure
  • Stop guessing capacity
  • Give developers freedom and control over their own destiny

7 Basic freedoms of the cloud

  1. Freedom to build unfettered
  2. Freedom to get real value from data
  3. Freedom to get in and out of the cloud quickly
  4. Freedom from bad database relationships
  5. Freedom to Migrate
  6. Freedom to secure your cake and eat it too
  7. Freedom to say yes

Capital One use case

  • Their goal: Model to the best tech companies out there
  • Use DevOps to speed up software delivery
  • Reduce datacenter count by using cloud
  • Be able to have 1000 developers work efficiently on their products
  • Agility: able to handle Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon)

  • Released over 500 new major features in respond to customer feedback
  • Read the AWS well architected framework paper for best practices
  • Simplify to get better reliability
  • Lambda: no server is even easier to manage

Remind Use-case

  • Use Micro-services to easy scale your application
  • Use Docker for easy deployments, zero downtime deployments and better resource optimization
  • AWS now provides an container registry as a service

AWS New Features

  • Amazon launched too many features to list here. You can find them on their website.