Meet IN4IT: this is Pablo

Another amazing team member who provides IN4IT with unparalleled service is Pablo Serrano Jabonero, our resident Site Reliability Engineer who has been with us for nearly three years. With a decade’s worth of experience in automation, rapid deployment, scaling, monitoring, and troubleshooting, Pablo is a valuable part of our family. He specializes in networking, sysadmin, programming, servers, Bash, and Python.

Let’s get to know him better by asking him about his life and learning more about how our SRE whizz operates daily.

Question: Tell us about your daily work routine.
I start my day off with a workout at seven in the morning, followed by a shower to wake me up. Then, I proceed with checking unread messages on Slack and go through my emails. When I am done with that, I take a quick break to make myself some breakfast and enjoy it while it’s warm. Afterward, I focus on my work till I take my lunch break at 2 pm. I generally work on tasks, give support, respond to emails throughout the day. 

Question: Tell us about your workspace.
I have taken advantage of my work-from-home situation. I have a Steelcase Please 2 and an Ikea work table in my office space.  I am currently using my new laptop, the MacBook pro M1 MAX. I believe that it’s a really good computer. 

I also have a Samsung 49″ ultrawide screen, a blue K2 Keychron, and an Mx master 3 Logitech mouse. Furthermore, I have a trusty iPad whenever I need to quickly access information or take notes on a whim. 

Question: Tell us about working in your region. What can one do in their free time? What are some of your hobbies? Do you have any interesting facts to share?
I live in Madrid, Spain. The land of good food, good weather, and kind people. I live close to downtown Madrid, where you can find the most iconic landmarks in the country. I enjoy spending my free time with good food and the great company of my family and friends. I would also like to work out even more and go on hiking trails around the country. A fun fact about myself, one of my hobbies is collecting retro consoles and games. My entire collection has around 50 different systems and almost 8000-10000 games.  

Question: What do you do at IN4IT?
I am an SRE specialist and I work with clients by giving support on AWS. 

Question: What do you like at IN4IT?
I like my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. I also like that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job and responsibilities.I feel so free with the autonomy while being able to check all tasks and specs of the clients. 

Besides that, it’s rewarding to work with these guys every day, and I am grateful to learn new things every day! 

Question: What is your favorite tool, programming language, or cloud product?
I have favorites that I continue to work with every day.

  • Basic tools such as dd/cat, tac, uniq, sort, tr, xargs, etc.
  • tmux, iTerm2, zsh and powerline
  • Vim and Visual studio code with vim shortcuts 
  • Golang and Goland IDE.
  • Slack
  • Notion and Trello to order my work stuff. 

Question: What would you like to learn or do next? 
I’d like to improve my knowledge of Golang and take more certifications in AWS or Azure. I’d also like to learn how to use regular expressions (for sed, grep, etc.) in the best way (but I think any human can use it the best way.)

Question: What tool, programming language, cloud product would you like to see improved, expanded, or created in the future?
I would like to continue to learn programming in Golang and try to create more apps for DevOps or even start backend systems at some point.

Thank you, Pablo, for answering all our questions. Stay tuned for more interviews to get a good look behind the scenes!