Meet IN4IT: this is André

Andre Narciso has been with us since May of 2019. He’s one of our our Cloud Solutions Architects specialized in Cloud Security, Kubernetes and Service Mesh. He is experienced in cloud solutions, DevOps Workflow, Agile methodology, CI/CD automated pipelines, Big Data, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaC Solutions, Microservices/Service Mesh, and much more. To say the very least, he is a powerhouse we are very proud to have on our team. Talented and skilled individuals are vital to IN4IT, and we value them very much. They are what makes IN4IT awesome. 

Let’s ask Andre about his life and learn how he manages to do what he does. 

Question: Tell us about your work routine. 
I start the day by having breakfast enjoying the view from my home office. I have the privilege of living in a small village with a lot of nature. Then I start my work between 8:30 and 9 am by checking the planning, Slack, and the meetings to organize my daily work. 

Question: Tell us about your workspace. 
My workspace is a large office with good sunlight. It’s comfortable during all seasons. Sometimes I like to work in an open space nearby with other colleagues.

Question: Tell us about working in your region. What do you do in your free time? Are there any special facts you’d like to share?
I live in a countryside area surrounded by nature, but in 40 minutes I reach a city where I can go to the cinema, watch a football game, or even go to the beach.

Because I live in such a quiet area, I can walk and explore nature. We have rivers and waterfalls here. All the people know each other, which allows me to have friends everywhere. Working from home permits me to have time for everything else, enjoying what Portugal gives me.

Question: What do you do at IN4IT?
I have been working as a Kubernetes / Service Mesh Consultant and as a DevOps/Cloud Architect, giving the customers the support needed at the infrastructure level for their containerization apps using the necessary CI/CD tools to automate the deployment process in a secure flow. Working closely with the Developers and QA teams brings the business value they need to the clients.

Question: What do you like at IN4IT?
IN4IT gives me the possibility to work with high tech. There is continuous training and certifications. Working at IN4IT, I feel that I’m continuously improving because I can practice all the knowledge on various customers using multiple technologies.

Question: What is your favorite tool, programming language, or cloud product? 
The Cloud infra such as AWS, IaC (Terraform), and containers orchestrators like Kubernetes, using service mesh are the ones that I love to work with, combined with all the CI/CD processing tools.

Question: What would you like to learn or do next? 
I would like to work on customers where the core business is AI, ML, and blockchain. I would love to know more about those technologies at a deeper level. 

Question: What tool, programming language, or cloud product would you like to see improved, expanded, or created in the future? 
The serverless (Lambda) and containerization (Kubernetes) are different approaches that, combined, can be very useful, these will be improved shortly, and I am anxious to see where those will end up.

As usual, it’s enthralling to know more about our brilliant team. This interview helped us get to know Andre more intimately. Thank you, Andre, for this interview, and thank you for reading it. Stay tuned as we go across the digital room and ask more of our colleagues about their exciting lives.