How Our New York and Belgium Office Works Together

Here at IN4IT, we believe in being remote-first, since that not only allows us to attract the best talent possible but also puts us in the perfect position to service our worldwide clientele with our AWS consulting services.

With that in mind, we decided to spread our wings and expand our operation by opening a second office in NYC to accommodate our US expansion in sectors such as retail and banking. Our modus operandi has always been remote work. In Europe, our teams are located in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. In the United States, we are situated in NYC.

This means that our standard workday has expanded. We can operate from 7 AM CET to midnight CET without working outside office hours without skipping a beat. Not only that, but we are also able to cover every day of the week with our team because of the difference in national holidays in different countries. This means that our consultants won’t have to work on holidays. Since we are geared toward remote-first, this also means no commuting to and from work, thus saving a lot of time.

Being remote doesn’t mean that our teams don’t meet in person. We make sure to arrange team events where our people get together. Presently, because of the constraints of COVID, this has been a bit difficult, but we will be able to resume it once things go back to normal.

Our US expansion is going to be fully remote as well. As we don’t have big physical offices, we can use the resources to invest in our people instead.

Before COVID-19, remote work was seen as novel, radical, and innovative. People had yet to grasp the concept and wrap their heads around it. Now, however, that everyone is doing it, people are much more conducive to our approach, after having seen many of its benefits firsthand. Remote work has enormous benefits and will only continue to be more advantageous going forward as more and more people adopt it and fine-tune it.

With our presence on two different continents, we are in a prime spot to learn more insights when it comes to marketing strategies and brainstorming publicizing ideas. We can gauge the success of one strategy based on how it did in one continent and test it out on the other one.

Granted, we are a boutique company operating within a very specific and small niche, but our international presence, our workforce, and our diverse clientele allow us the benefits of a global company.

We expect our staff to be more autonomous, have greater flexibility, and have a higher rate of productivity while maintaining an amazing work-life balance all the while keeping their eyes on the horizon, all thanks to remote work and the way we have embraced this way of working since day 1.