What makes DevOps so difficult?

Everyone agrees that DevOps-oriented profiles are hard to find in the job market. You might want to automate your whole IT infrastructure, but your DevOps team still needs to have the bandwidth to do their daily work. DevOps teams are often under resourced, and there is a steep learning curve to learn all the tools. DevOps is a methodology that doesn’t imply using any specific tool. Still, when looking at engineers applying DevOps principles, we see them using tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, git, and so on.

DevOps, a methodology with the right tools

A lot of work goes into learning the right tools, understanding how you use them together before even using them in a project. This means that again, Developers and Operations focus on their own tools, growing apart. Today, in most companies, Developers still don’t understand much of the tools Operations want them to use to increase their productivity. They still rely heavily on the work carried out by Operations to provision, deploy and run their applications.

Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops (again)

A DevOps tool that would be easy to use, that Developers can easily grasp, would bridge the gap between Dev and Ops again. This is where the in4it DevOps Platform, in the future it will run on more cloud platforms.

in4it dashboard

There is a trial version for developers to test out the platform, which enables you to quickly start an application and a database and deploy your application through git in just a few clicks.

It’s a new platform, so we would love to hear your comments and feedback. You can reach me directly via Twitter @wardviaene or on LinkedIn.