1. Cloud Storage Use Cloud Storage as your Data Lake. Anonymize your data or use encryption to satisfy the policies to move your data outside the enterprise. Storing 1 TB in a European Amazon Datacenter is as cheap as $30 per month. 2. Processing as a Service You can either run open source software on […]

Free Cloud For Everyone Every Cloud provider wants you to sign up for their services. To do that, they will offer you some free services. Amazon for instance has the Free Tier. Google Cloud will give you $300 for a free trial. Heroku will give you free dynos. They’re doing this for one reason: once […]

“The cloud is not secure enough” Maybe you are scared to deploy your applications on public cloud, because you think it is less secure. You rather want everything on-premise, because you think you don’t have to think so much about security. You are wrong. Most attacks will happen on other levels (e.g. Application Level), and […]