Data partitioning helps to speed up your Amazon Athena queries, and also reduces your cost, as you need to query less data.  Partitioning data means that we split the data up into related groups of data. Possible partitions could be date (time-based), zipcode, different types (contexts), etc. When querying the data, the query is constrained […]

IN4IT offers 24/7 support contracts to its customers. It’s very important for us that our customers can easily and reliably reach IN4IT when they need assistance. Instead of capturing the calls to a support engineer, we want our customers to be able to reach the correct engineer directly. We are not a telecommunications company, so […]

Cake brings together all your existing bank accounts and transactions. It analyses your financial data and habits, to make your life better. Cake makes your bank accounts pay off again, by sharing its profits with you. It’s the app that rewrites the rules. To make sure you will always get your piece. Intro IN4IT has […]

1. Introduction A new trend in software development is to break down applications into microservices and deploy them using containers. Containerization has many benefits over the traditional approach of using Virtual Machines. When adopting a microservices strategy, using containers is often the only way to success. The benefits of running containers are (but are not […]

My latest course is all about scaling applications on-premise and in the cloud. Let me explain in just a few paragraphs why you would want to make your application scalable and how you would do it: Making your app scalable will always reduce costs Everyone understands that you can scale when needing more resources, but even […]

Technology Heterogeneity Due to the nature of microservices the system is composed out of collaborating services, for each of these services you can, but don’t need to, use a different technology. This approach allows you to use the right tool for each job without having to make compromises like you would have to do in a […]